With the unrecognized efforts of our team, alongside many ministers already committed in serving the community, we decided to incorporate to make our presence known to the public so we can expand our reach. Our group aims to help alleviate the needs of the community through social and charitable assistance program.”


Los Angeles, CA

Pastor Roubik

Pastor Roubik is a church planter and has been a pastor for thirty-eight years. He immigrated to the United States with his wife and three young children in 1993. Pastor Roubik knows well the cost of following Jesus Christ- spending many nights in an Iranian prison for his boldness in speaking the truth with Muslims- in his homeland. In 1994 Haik Hovsepian, Pastor Roubik’s older brother, was tragically martyred by Islamic fundamentalists for spreading the Word.  

Roubik was born and raised in Iran, where Muslims comprise ninety-nine percent of the population, and where Christians have suffered many years under their oppression. At fifteen years old he became serious about his faith and began evangelizing and spreading Bibles to Muslims. Because of his outreach he was arrested many times, however this did not deter him from pursuing his mission. He went on to baptize over a thousand people and his zeal for serving people grew.  

At nineteen he became the youth pastor for over one hundred young people in Iran through the Assemblies of God Church in Tehran. After seven years of being in the Iran-Iraq War he baptized and helped convert more people into the kingdom of God. In December 1988 he was arrested for his outreach, once again, this time being placed in a Khomeini prison where he spent a month in solitary confinement. From that time on he had to report to the Iranian police about his activities and whereabouts. 

In 1993 a new chapter began for the pastor and his family. He and his family moved to the Unites States as refugees where he immediately set to work setting up churches for Armenians and Iranians in Los Angeles. Pastor Roubik has assisted refugees in resource acquisition as well as helping refugees assimilate and acclimatize themselves to the country. Further he has assisted those new to the country with translation and transportation support. He has helped with court-related needs- including writing letters of support-amongst providing other avenues of help, for his parishioners. He has even preached the Word via satellite broadcast ministry, reaching even more people. He has been a speaker for Harvest Bible University, addressing the needs for outreach amongst Iranians and Armenians at conventions and conferences, as well as attended and shared his story at hundreds of other speaking engagements.    

Serving his community has been a mission of Pastor Roubik’s. From drug counseling to partnering with local food banks to feed those in need, Roubik has taken the basic tenets of the Bible and applied them to real life crises, helping free many of substance abuse through counsel. Roubik currently works as a hospice chaplain where he spends time with those in their most vulnerable time.